Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thank you Microsoft

So, we bought a Mac a while ago. I've been using it almost exclusively since we bought it. However, my Motorola Q will not work with my Mac (Because Bill Gates is a %&67#8) and I had to plug it into my PC the other day. The phone came with this brilliant Microsoft software called "ActiveSync." And the name fits beautifully. Basically what happens is this: I plug my phone into my computer, and either my phone or my computer gets changed so that they both match.

After trying to sync the phone with my computer twelve times, I am left with a calendar on my home computer that is exactly what I need, every appointment in my phone is one hour late, and the calendar on the PC at work magically disappeared.

It's so refreshing to be working with Microsoft software again. Finally, I can't do the things that I know I should be able to do because someone in Seattle decided that my Phone should change my computer every three seconds as long as it is plugged in. Thankfully, this auto-syncing feature is impossible to change. (Who in their right mind would want some say over when the devices synchronize? That's just dumb. Obviously if I plug my phone into my computer, I want one of the two to be erased.) And it is impossible to set one device to override the other until after they've been plugged into one another and one of the two has been erased. So, I have the correct calendar on my computer, and the wrong calendar on my phone. Thankfully, as soon as I plug my phone in, it will automatically delete the correct calendar and replace it with the wrong calendar.

Thank you Bill Gates. I've been working on a Mac for several months, and it's been a while since I wanted to plunge a dental drill through my skull. It's good to be back.


Joshua said...

To my amazement, I was wrong. Plugging my phone into my computer actually deleted all but six of the recurring appointments that I have. Now, I get to enter in my calendar for the entire year all over again!

Yay!! I *%*$*&#*&@ING LOVE MICROSOFT!!

Tim 2 said...

yeah, this is why I want a mac for my personal life, and a PC for all my geeky computer graphics crap that I do which requires a PC because the rest of the EA world uses PC's.