Friday, January 12, 2007

Screw the iPhone, I want an iDock.

Okay, okay... the iPhone. Everybody's heard of it. (If you haven't yet, make sure no one is around, and go here. Never tell a soul...)

Here's my thing. It's amazing that the phone functions with your fingers. That's cool. But it's still just my motorola Q married to an iPod with a touch screen. (I'm probably wrong, but it's still not what I think we're capable of.)

Were I Steve Jobs, I would be talking about developing not just the new phone, but the new device. I'm talking about a fully functional totally portable computer/phone/tv. I'm talking about a slim device no bigger than an iPod that wirelessly sends music to my bluetooth earbuds. Or, I i touch a button on the screen, and it sends a bluetooth signal to my 46 inch LCD monitor, and now I'm using my computer. Gone is the traditional computer, the traditional laptop, the traditional iPod, the traditional TV. Here is the slim device that works on every bluetooth accessable LCD monitor and ear buds.

It looks just like an iPhone. I touch one button and I get my iTunes music blasting in my bluetooth earbuds.

I touch another button, and my iDock sends an ifrared signal to my LCD monitor hanging on the wall, and I'm using my computer. (Because the iDock is a full computer, complete with the operating system of my choice.) Click a little button, and my collapsible keyboard slides out like a Volkswagon cupholder. Now, I'm using my word processor.

Then I want to actually watch TV. All I do is open my web browser, log into my HD Internet service, then my HD Wireless Router sends my cable subscription to my iDock, which relays the signal to my TV, and I'm watching TV. Want to watch the Sapranos but don't have HBO? Call your buddy with a subscription, he comes over and boom, you're watching the sapranos.

Then, I want to watch a movie, I just open iTunes, click my movie library and select whichever movie I want. Everything is sent wirelessly (via bluetooth) to my TV screen hanging on the wall, and my wireless speakers. All of it is operated from my iDock.

Click another button, grab my wireless controller, and I'm using my iXBox 490. My games are all streamed to me over the Internet or stored directly on my hard drive. No gaming CDs to insert. I just rub my fingers on the screen and I'm beating up rappers in the new Def Jams LXi.

And as far as I know, I'm not really talking about something sci-fi. The technology is there. All that's needed is for the thing to be made.

C'mon Steve Jobs... you can do it. Bring me the iDock.


Anonymous said...

Sounds so easy...but where are you going to store all this data? You are not going to be able to store 20 minutes of HD footage on your slim wallet sized iThing to beam to your HD LCD television...and even if you could, in order to properly display the video on your iThing as well as your 42inch LCD you are going to need 2 different file formats to save this crap in...oh then you are going to have to store it all...20 gigs is not going to get you too much video...but now you want to talk on the phone with this thing as well??? And check email and all that other crap?

Will it play BluRay DVD's???

The iPhone is ridiculous at $600.00...Steve Jobs is making his money on iTunes as well...don't forget the software that supports this hardware...

Joshua said...

Ok Ok Ok, so maybe the technology isn't quite there, but honestly, how long will it take until we get chemical reaction based processors instead of processors working on mere on and off switches?

Then, we have it all.

Anonymous said...

The iDock is already available

But I can't find one in the UK :(

Joshua said...

Sorry, but I wrote this post before the product called the iDock came out. The thing I was talking about is actually very different from the iDock... if you read through the post, you'll see more clearly what I mean.