Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Native American

Legend has it that my Great Great Grandmother was a Blackfoot Indian. (I think.) I've been looking around online to see if that would qualify me as a minority and whether or not I could apply for scholarships as a Native American. (Turns out I'm pretty sure I can't. I have to have 1/4 Native American Blood Quantum) But in my search, I found this gorgeous photo on Wikipedia, and thought I'd let you all see it. I spent quite a while looking back and forth at the faces. Anyway, here it is. And here is the even larger version from Wikipedia.


Anonymous said...

I think I saw some Elek traits in those photos!!!


Joshua said...

Ok, I offended someone by this post. I want everyone to know that I was pretty much kidding when I said that I wanted to get a scholarship because I am 1/16th Native American. Sorry.

And I'm sorry about my previous comment, and I've deleted it as well as the reprimand (because the reprimand makes no sense without the offense.) I said that some of the people in the photo had large foreheads, because we Eleks all have enormous foreheads. I was making a joke about myself.

All that to say, sorry. Meant no harm.

Jim Elek said...

Me man no harm to white man. we smoke em peace pipe now while white man exploit land, kill off antural resources and give tribe vd. please accept this island in exchange for beads, then get mad at my ancestors for writing something on their OWN blog. MMMMMMMMM now you smoke em peace pipe........ Go TRIBE!!!!

Tim & Deane Elek said...

Sheesh. Does this mean we can't even laugh at ourselves without requiring a qualifier.

Lighten up!!