Friday, January 19, 2007

The old me

I ran across these pictures of me when I was younger, and thought it would be fun to post them up online here. I'm going to label them all "Joshua Elek" hoping that if someone Googles me, they'll find these pictures.

The end.

Left to Right: Joshua Elek, Jer, Jim, Tim

Left to Right: Joshua Elek, Bobby Spore?, Jim, Tim (We weren't allowed to play with guns, so we played with garden stakes instead. I couldn't rip stakes out of the ground at this age, so I was given a Josh-sized log to play with. )

Left to Right: Joshua Elek, Dead Fish.

Left to Right: Joshua Elek, Joshua Elek's hand in Joshua Elek's Butt.

Top to Bottom: Joshua Elek, Man-Eating Skunk Weed Plant.

Top to Bottom: Joshua Elek, My New Red Bike!!

Left to Right: Jim on Drums, Joshua on Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar on Katie, and Jeremy playing the Gun.

Left to Right: Katie, Joshua - This is a picture taken when we used to wait for the bus. We knew it came at 7:45, but we would go out to the end of the driveway every day at 7:00 and wait. Most of the time, we were singing. The long wait for the bus tradition really started when Jeremy and I would shadow box for forty minutes while we waited for the bus to come.


Jim Elek said...

nice photos. it's been awhile since seen any photos with the inside of the Merrymound house in them. I even forgot what that wallpaper looked like.

Tim 2 said...

Yeah, crazy long time ago. I can still remember some of that stuff like it was yesterday though. I remember Dad having us pose for those pictures of us doing the army thing out in front of the Lot!

We were pretty ridiculous looking kids...but of course with all that camo on, nobody could see us and know how ridiculous we were.

Oh, and this new color scheme is interesting, though I find the blue to be a bit hard on my eyes.

Joshua said...

Good to know... I'll change it. I'm messing around with stuff right now, I figured my blog's been the same for several months, and now that I'm out of Blogger.beta, I'm going to see what the bells and whistles can do... though it took me FOREVER to figure out how to get my header back.

Joshua said...

Is that better?

Tim 2 said...

yeah looking better. I thought it was funny how you omitted the part about one of the neighbors calling the police because you guys were signing in the morning.

How lame, instead of coming outside and suggesting a couple young kids, who don't realise there is a wide wide world around them, stop signing at 7am...they call the cops.


Mandy said...

Joshua you were the cutest little kid!

Mom Elek said...

awwwwwww. i'm crying


Did you notice you refered to the black bike as a red bike? dreams are a funny thing....

Joshua said...

Yeah, I was cute. "Hey! Wha happen?!!!"

Oh, and the red/black bike. I know, it was a throw-back to the dream.

Go Browns.

Tim 2 said...

Notice how ridiculous we look with our sticks instead of toy guns...

Complete and utter Morons of the street...THIS LOG IS A BAZOOKA!!!


Joshua said...

See, I don't think we look ridiculous at all. I love that picture, and if I saw four kids in the street doing that now, my heart would be warm.